With over 60 years of medical use we revolutionize the way therapeutic ultrasound is delivered

ZetrOZ™ technology provides many new opportunities for the following applications:

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Surgical Cauterization
  • Injestible Ultrasound Pills
  • Implanted Ultrasound Devices

Therapeutic Ultrasound has been in use for more than 60 years and is recognized for its treatment of pain, joint contracture, muscle spasm, and increases in local circulation. ZetrOZ will provide clinicans with a convenient method of extending treatment durations for patients in the clinic.

With a device currently under FDA review and UltrOZ™ Elite (available for animal use only), ZetrOZ is forever revolutionizing ultrasound therapy!

Visit to see how wearable pain therapy is being utilized in the veterinary industry to treat common conditions.

Surgical Cauterization using ultrasound is becoming more widespread in the physician's office to reduce patient bleeding and for non-invasive cancer surgeries.

During these procedures ultrasound is either focused in a manner called HIFU or used to vibrate a scalpel for simultaneous cutting and cauterization (during surgery).  Today's devices for these procedures use large roll up generators or are integrated into larger imaging machines.  

Manufacturers could integrate ZetrOZ™ technology to make these devices smaller and more affordable to customers.

Ingestible Ultrasound Pills have been a dream of physicians for many years.  These devices could amplify a doctor's ability to image conditions hidden deep in the body, out of the range of normal ultrasound imaging devices.  Or, the pills could be used to enhance drug delivery for injested pharmaceuticals.

In both cases, traditional technology was too bulky and costly to make the pill a reality.  ZetrOZ™ technology provides the potential for scaling down an ultrasound system into something ingestible.

Implantable Ultrasound would give doctors and easy and highly accurate method of visualizing problem areas in the body. Likewise, the devices could be used to provide time-released drugs or simple physical therapy. 

The problem with this approach has always been the size of the ultrasound device and the battery life.  ZetrOZ™ technology can be integrated into miniature devices with hours of battery life.


ZetrOZ™ ultrasound technology is for investigational use only. The devices are not FDA cleared for sale in the United States.