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Philanthropy & Education

As the global leader in sustained acoustic medicine and soft-tissue healing technologies, ZetrOZ Systems, LLC may make certain donations to charitable organizations and educational programs to help promote advances and education in healthcare. Charitable contributions will not be considered unless the recipient is a tax-exempt organization, Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All completed requests will be reviewed under ZetrOZ Systems compliance policies and will follow objective criteria.

Please be advised that ZetrOZ Systems receives many requests for donations and may not be able to grant your request. We wish you the best of success with your fundraising or educational activities.

Contribution Request Process:
Please complete the Contribution Request Form, following the instructions on the form. You will need to complete and print the form and submit it with the supporting documentation outlined below. We will not be able to consider any incomplete requests.

Supporting Documentation Required for Consideration:

  • Federal Tax ID number for the requesting organization
  • 501 (c)(3) designation letter (Tax exemption document) 
  • Description of fundraising activity and statement of charitable mission 
  • If educational sponsorship is requested, overview and agenda of educational program, whether the program is CME accredited and Letter of Agreement under ACCME guidelines, if applicable

Please send the completed Contribution Request Form and supporting documentation via fax OR mail as follows:

Attention: Compliance Specialist

Mail to:
ZetrOZ Systems, LLC
Attention: Compliance Specialist
56 Quarry Rd.
Trumbull, CT 06611

If the required supporting documentation does not accompany a contribution request, it will not be considered. The review process may take up to four weeks once completed contribution request is received. We cannot guarantee approval of your request. If we approve your contribution request, you will receive a notification via mail or e-mail indicating our level of support, together with any applicable information relating to our support.

Please e-mail your questions to:

OZ Inside™

ZetrOZ Systems developed OZ Inside™, our patented ultra-low impedance ultrasound miniaturization technology, to enable the flexible delivery of sustained acoustic medicine, a new treatment form.  It effectively streamlines system architecture and optimizes electro-acoustic signal conduction to achieve peak efficiencies across the entire spectrum of ultrasound outputs. 

While the use of traditional therapeutic ultrasound is typically applied in short, high intensity bursts from large systems, current research indicates that low intensity, long duration ultrasound provides an overall better and sustained solution. OZ Inside addresses this new protocol.  Not restricted by acoustic power, frequency, or intensity, OZ Inside enables the delivery of sustained acoustic medicine through a wearable device designed for user flexibility. 

ZetrOZ  Systems currently applies this proprietary technology to its three products on the market sam® Global Health, –sam® Sport and UltrOZ™ Elite.  Additional products and applications are under investigation and development through our ongoing research program.   

Research & Development

Research & Development at ZetrOZ Systems is focused on developing a portfolio of bioelectronic devices delivering sustained acoustic medicine to treat pain and enhance healing. We concentrate on conditions insufficiently addressed by current treatments and for which large market opportunities exist. The lead product in our pipeline is directed at providing pain relief from osteoarthritis.

With funding from the NIH-National Institute of Health, ZetrOZ Systems has shown that daily sustained acoustic medicine provides symptomatic relief of knee pain related to osteoarthritis (OA), a degenerative joint disease affecting 27 million Americans. The success of this research has supported insurance coverage of sam® for arthritis pain of the knee, hip shoulder and elbow.   

In our clinical pipeline we are studying the use of sustained acoustic medicine for additional applications. Research supported by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, the United States Department of Defense, CIMIT (Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology), Connecticut Innovations and the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development has validated the efficacy of sam® for the treatment of upper and lower back pain, and to accelerate the healing of soft-tissue injuries.

The company’s research is frequently presented at scientific conferences and meetings in the United States and internationally.  In addition, there are more than 30 publications detailing the results of research related to ultrasound therapy, and to the development of sam® Sport, UltrOZ™ Elite, and other products in development. Click here to see key presentations and publications.

Intellectual Property

ZetrOZ Systems has a portfolio of patents protecting the therapy innovation of sustained acoustic medicine. Eleven utility patents have been filed; six applications have been filed to protect the system design, and five registration and trademark applications have been filed for key branding terms, icons and logos.

International protection is in place through PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), with Europe, China, India and Brazil.