The sam® family of products are the only FDA-cleared wearable devices for multi-hour continuous low intensity ultrasound therapy. sam has its CE Mark, is Canada Licensed, and is a Class II medical device in Malaysia and Singapore.

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Clinical Training sam® Pro 2.0 

“The  sam low intensity ultrasound is a game changer at healing chronic injuries. The medical device is clinically validated and covered under many insurance plans.”  
David Draper DEd, ATC

sam® Pro 2.0 is the most advanced wearable and durable sustained acoustic medicine device to naturally accelerate soft tissue repair and reduce chronic pain.

The 2.0 device features up to 4x faster rapid capability over existing sam® devices along with improved ergonomics and button-strength. The military-medical-grade housing is coated with a molded label, and each system is uniquely serialized with laser engraving. Additional features include data-capture and treatment history monitoring upgrades.

Design innovation leading to improved ultrasound delivery performance is the hallmark of sam® Pro 2.0. Thermally conductive transfer layers, thermoplastic design and smart treatment monitoring improve ultrasound delivery performance. Rugged in mold label housings with key-lock feature between applicator and y-adapter provide easy and secure wire connections.

New custom stretch and hypoallergenic patches feature 3M Science Applied to LifeTM technology.  In addition to improved wear performance, 2.0 patches are easier to use and less messy with the patented gel-capture seals.

Used successfully by a wide range of individuals who work in labor-intensive jobs and a host of others looking to more effectively manage chronic pain, sam® Pro  2.0 is available by prescription in the US and cleared for medical sale in Europe, Canada, and Asia.

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