sam® products are the first and only FDA-cleared wearable devices for multi-hour continuous ultrasound therapy. sam has its CE Mark, is Canada Licensed, and is a Class II medical device in Malaysia and Singapore.

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“I have used sam Pro to successfully treat common conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis and injury, and to assist in post-operative recovery.  Because of its size and portability, sam Global Health is easy-to-apply at any time during the day, making it a very convenient modality for patients to use.  This is particularly important in an environment where the public is demanding more and more ways to manage their own health.”

  — Dr. Ralph Ortiz, DO, MPH
  — Medical Pain Consultants
  — Director, New York Pain Society

sam® Pro is a wearable medical device using ZetrOZ’s proprietary miniaturization technology to provide drug-free pain relief for a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Clinically proven to reduce pain, no other technology delivers sustained acoustic medicine – continuous delivery of ultrasound therapy – for up to four hours daily.

sam® Pro is FDA-cleared for the treatment of select medical conditions such as the relief of pain, the relief of muscle spasm, the treatment of joint contractures, and the increase of local circulation. It aims to help injured patients recover and return to work more quickly without surgical intervention.

Used successfully by a wide range of individuals who work in labor-intensive jobs and a host of others looking to more effectively manage chronic pain, sam® Global Health is available by prescription in the US. It is also cleared for over-the-counter sale in Europe, Canada, and Asia.

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