sam® Sport is the first and only FDA-cleared wearable device for multi-hour continuous ultrasound therapy. It has its CE Mark, is Canada Licensed, and is a Class II medical device in Malaysia and Singapore.

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“The ZetrOZ sam ultrasound device is a very useful and efficacious modality.  The sam® unit is a long duration wearable ultrasound that we have found to be very effective for the treatment of various musculoskeletal lesions.  This unit will change the delivery of ultrasound.” 
Kevin Wilk DPT, ATC

Delivering sustained acoustic medicine for effective, safe, drug-free pain relief and recovery, sam® Sport uses ZetrOZ’s proprietary miniaturization technology to provide controlled-release, long duration ultrasound treatment, for up to four hours daily. No other medical technology is available to provide daily multi-hour therapeutic intervention to assist with conservative care and help injured patients get back to work sooner without surgical intervention.

sam® Sport is a prescription device indicated for the treatment of select medical conditions such as the relief of pain, the relief of muscle spasm, the treatment of joint contractures, and the increase of local circulation. It is most commonly prescribed for tendinopathies, muscle strain, spasms and bruises, shoulder injuries and osteoarthritis pain of the knee. sam® Sport can deliver Sustained Acoustic Medicine with one or two applicators.

Used successfully by a wide range of professional and collegiate athletes, as well as weekend warriors and recreational enthusiasts, sam® Sport is available by prescription in the US. It is also cleared for sale in Europe, Canada, and Asia. 


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