About Us

About ZetrOZ

ZetrOZ™ is an innovative ultrasound technology company focused on developing a new generation of ultrasound products and applications. Using OZ Inside™, our powerful, proprietary miniaturization technology, we have redesigned the ultrasound generation process from end-to-end to achieve peak efficiencies across the entire spectrum of acoustic outputs. Without restrictions to transducer size, frequency, or intensity, OZ Inside can be integrated into most ultrasound applications to deliver ultrasound more efficiently, more economically, and more compactly than ever before.

Our work emanates from our R&D concept lab, a dynamic forum designed to encourage ingenuity and cultivate new ideas from a team of scientists and engineers with unparalleled ultrasound expertise. Committed to advancing the science of ultrasound one product at a time, we combine this approach with rich biomedical capabilities as the basis for our primary focus: applications in health and wellness to improve life quality through targeted pain management, accelerated healing, and enhanced tissue recovery. Reflecting this approach, we are focusing our initial products on harnessing the well-documented ability of therapeutic ultrasound to enhance healing and provide pain relief.